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Why Use Lay2 Real Estate Property Management?

“People Before Profit” 

Joining Lay2 Real Estate property management is not like any other experience. Yes, our job is to manage your property but the level of service you will receive is unlike anything else. We hear stories on a daily basis of how disappointed and let down owners feel by other agents, and from those stories, we have created a property management experience that has eradicated those issues.

High Tenancy Ratio

-Taking on Vacant Properties. We pride ourselves on working fast, efficiently and diligently to ensure that your property is being advertised and is rental ready. Organizing online advertising, photography and home open times within 1 business day to ensure that your property is being marketed to possible tenants asap.

-Vacating Tenants. Our organised systems and practices ensure that we approach owners and tenants at least 60 days prior to a lease expiring to discuss renewing the lease. This ensures that a new lease is prepared and signed well before it’s expiry eliminating the possibility of it lapsing into a periodic lease. But if the tenants want to vacate, this gives us plenty of time to organize advertising, the home opens and aim to have a new tenant lined up to move in as soon as it’s empty.

Consistent Property Manager

We’ve heard some shocking stories about owners who have had up to 5 different property managers in the space of 12 months. Lay2 Real Estate property management is run and managed by its owner Harrison Lay, who isn’t going anywhere. You’ll have a consistent property manager to ensure that your property is being looked after.

Communication Standards

We absolutely 100% to infinity and beyond have the highest communication standards for all aspects of our business. Whether you call, SMS, email, fax, skype, telegram, mail, facebook or drop by the office, we are always here for you. If anyone in our team is unavailable you’ll have the support from our other members who will attend to your needs without hesitation.

We constantly hear from owners and tenants the horror stories of waiting weeks just to hear back from their property manager. That’s just wrong!

Caring for Your Property

From time to time properties require maintenance and repairs, and we never shy away from these aspects. We encourage tenants to record any issues or problems they have with the property, as well as actively looking for any possible maintenance or repairs when inspecting the property. Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent future damage to your property and ensure your tenant is happy.

We Want, Actually, we Demand Your Feedback!

Our whole business is built on providing the best possible service to everyone that we come in contact with, that includes owners, tenants, buyers, sellers, workman etc. If you ever feel that we can improve our service in any way, we want to know. Our goal is to be the best and we can continue with your help.

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