Yes Winter is coming for Japan…whilst in Perth I hear people say that it was about the coldest on record for a while (in Perth) and most people can’t wait for Spring to come Winter is just around the corner (well about 4 months away) for Japan.

For those of you that just can’t get enough of the cold, you are in luck because Winter is Coming (in Japan). There are a lot of people I have met that mention the skiing in Japan (well more like snowboarding as skiing seems old fashion now – between you and me even after 26 years in Japan I haven’t graduated to the snowboard and am happy with the gentler of the ski slopes on my skis).

Hakuba Japan is a great place to visit for skiing in Japan if not one of the best in the world.  There is an abundance of shops, services and accommodation but it gets busy quickly so be sure to book early.  There is a huge following of the snow season in Japan basically due to the mix of top quality snow and the great service and entertainment that the Japanese provide.  When it comes to providing services for the snow followers Australians are well placed in Japan as well as offering great accommodation services.

Some of the Australians working hard to make your trip fantastic are noted below.  There are a number of places to stay, the ones here that I mention are places or people I personally know and the people who run them are great!

Don’t leave it until too late to make your bookings as places fill up quick!  Just as Winter is ending here in Perth it may be time to plan for your Japan Winter.  Have fun and take care!  Remember to take some pictures and show us when you get back to Perth.

Mick Lay
30 Aug 2016

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