How Do You Cut Through the Maze of B.S. When Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Sell One of Your Biggest Assets?

"People Before Profit" 

Simple. You Find a Real Estate Agent Who Offers a Sales Guarantee That No Other Real Estate Agent Would Dare to Offer!

  • How do you know when you can trust the promises real estate agents make when they appraise your property?
  • What is the one thing 99.9% of real estate agents don't do when selling your property?
  • Is being hoodwinked by a real estate agent’s personality something you wish to avoid at all costs?
  • Want to make sure your home is not sitting on the market month after month?

Currently the average for sale time on the market in Perth is approximately 70 days (Reiwa).


Would you be interested in finding out more about Lay2 Real Estate’s 100% “Iron Clad, No Fee” guarantee in writing that actually ensures that your real estate agent is working as hard as possible to get you property sold in the shortest possible time?


Our Iron Clad Guarantee in writing is simple. If Lay2 Real Estate takes longer than 47 days to sell your property, you will not be charged the agreed selling fee when we sell your property*.


Try and get another real estate agent to give you that sort of guarantee, l am very confident they wont. 

Let us put our selling fee on the line, as our guarantee to you that we will work incredibly hard to get your property sold.


We have to perform or wont get paid! So how hard do you think we are going to work?


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