"People Before Profit"

Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club 

Our Director/Licensee Steve Lay has been involved within the Bayswater community as a major sponsor and patron of the Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club (BBRC) since 1994. 

Currently Steve is the serving President of the BBRC and has been able bring life back to the club by increasing the membership from 100 to over 2800 members in just over 18 months.

Initiatives like promoting Friday sundowners to introduce local community to local businesses at the BBRC can only strengthen our community ties. Local businesses are the heart and soul of community and need to be supported.


Curtin University

Our business manager Harrison Lay is a strong advocate for education and has heavy ties with Curtin University, serving on the Board of Academic Discipline and acting as a Student Mentor within the student community, Business and Health Science Schools. 


Central Institute of Technology

In March 2016, Harrison was asked to be a guest speaker at the Central Institute of Technology Commerce and Enterprise Graduation Ceremony. As Harrison currently holds 7 qualifications and is an owner of Lay2 Real Estate, he was asked to address the graduates providing them with an understanding of the opportunities that come with education. Harrison regularly attends Central Tafe to address the student community and share his experience. 


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Property Management Testimonial

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