Get The Puck Out of Here!

Bayswater Bowling Club News

By Steve Lay

City of Bayswater (CoB) has red a torpedo right through Street Roller Hockey League (SRHL) and the Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club (BBRC) causing damage to both clubs.
At a full council meeting on Tuesday 31st May on the advice of the council officers a motion was passed almost unanimously with only Cr Terry Kenyon voting to keep the sport going. The Bowling Club and the Roller Hockey league agreed to cease playing at the request of the CoB as the big stick approach by the CoB had become too much to bare. Threats of legal action and fines for noncompliance had taken their toll on the two non for pro t groups.

The season has now been wrecked for SRHL with few legal places being available to play their unique brand of social sport.

The re-activated Bowling Club has also suffered – financially as a consequence with turnover being almost halved on the back of the CoB cease to play order. On top of that two local families who supply food to the players on Saturdays and Sundays have been hit very hard as their turnover has also fallen around 70% nearly crippling their family run business.

The crux of the situation started on the back of noise complaints from some nearby residents in November 2015.

Which then blossomed into full blown measurement equipment being installed at the complainant’s property by the Department of Environment to measure the alleged noise breaches. The upshot in the end was that four split second breaches were recorded in excess of the allowable dB levels over a six month period and was enough for the CoB to kill the daily play between 5pm to 7pm weeknights and 10am to 7pm on the weekend at a recreation reserve dedicated to sporting pursuit.

In a confusing twist to this story the BBRC and SRHL had a sound proofing company measure the noise levels back in April.

That measurement in April was taken in the dead still night air and found that the noise was well below allowable noise limits at the rear of the complainant’s property.
Since the cease to play notice in early June the BBRC and SRHL have employed a sound engineer to re-measure the noise. It appears at the time of writing this story that the alleged noise of stick on stick and puck on board is still under legal limits.

A very confusing time for both clubs which will at some point be resolved.

And maybe the facts will surface as to how the CoB came to pull off this big stick move.

Stay tuned for the next instalment to the heavily supported community backlash against the CoB in regards to this situation.