Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club News

July 14. 2016 – Local Club Spotlight

Welcome to the Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club update. Let’s start off with some background on the club. BBRC has a proud 80 year history and in it’s hey day it was one of the premier lawn bowls clubs in and around Perth. However as the years go by and the city grows with more bowling clubs being built in outer suburbs and members ageing the whole dynamic of the BBRC gradually changed.  


The BBRC had struggled along for the last decade or so then in early 2015 found itself on the verge of having to look at closing the doors.  Since the near death of the club moment the BBRC has been in re- activation mode, driven by the new President Steve Lay who has a broader community based view of what the BBRC can eventually morph into.


A luxury of space for only 50 people that needed to be opened up to the wider community is how Steve Lay described the opportunity to steer the club. Now a bustling Friday night where children can mix with other children, mums and dads catching up with each other after a week of toiling. American style burgers are cooked freshly on the premises by the renowned HOOD Burger crew from 5pm to 8pm. Be early as they quite often sell out.  Yum.


The BBRC has also been very lucky having a couple of Perth legends of Italian cooking Guy and Rose Fiorucci deciding to join the BBRC. Setting up Cuccina Fiorucci in house, the Fiorucci’s provide different varieties of plate licking freshly cooked pasta every Wednesday night from 5.30pm to 8pm. Deserts and coffee are also available if you can actually finish the big bowl of pasta.


Saturday afternoon the BBRC has another local Italian family sharing the kitchen serving fresh assembled Italian style pizza’s where you can choose your own ingredients.  FUEL pizza’s start at 2pm and go through to 7pm every Saturday, they also do take away pizza if you desire.


Part of the resurgence in the BBRC is the family friendly relaxed atmosphere. The push towards providing an affordable venue for community groups to have fundraisers, a venue for birthdays parties for both adults and children. As an example of community mindedness the BBRC hosted the Baysie Rollers, Live Music quiz night fundraiser on 25th June. It was a huge success with 32 tables being sold out weeks in advance.


Street Roller Hockey League is also a big part of the resurgence at the BBRC. Started by a bunch of mates bored by university they made up 4 teams 3 years ago. Currently now the league has over 750 players and 117 teams with still more growth to come. The prototype one of a kind street roller hockey rink built on one of the old bowling rinks at the BBRC in September 2015 has been affectionately become known as “The Slab”. It is unlikely that you even know or have heard about this very social sport which is right on your doorstep. When the sport resumes in August you should come down to the club and get an eyeful of this unique sport.


Social memberships are available at $15 per year which allows the purchase of club priced alcoholic beverages, priority venue booking, social bowls and interaction with community.

If you are at a loose end on Wednesday mornings you may wish to join Dad’s Army. The BBRC has a general working bee from 8.30am to 11.30am. Newcomers are welcome. If you want a good laugh then this the place to be Wednesday mornings. Great comradery and even better banter between the men and women who potter around making Dad’s Army a success.


If you would like to know more about the BBRC or Street Roller Hockey League please give “The Prez” Steve Lay a call on 0419 191 100.